Reference project#

The main repository of Phoenix-RTOS is the phoenix-rtos-project. The project consists of the following GitHub submodule repositories.

There are other directories and files directly in phoenix-rtos-project.

  • _fs/ - rootfs template,

  • _targets/ - rules for building the system for each hardware target,

  • _user/ - user applications are placed here. Some demos are available from the box - e.g. hello world, voxeldemo,

  • mtd-utils - outside tool for creating jffs2 partitions,

  • riscv - bootloader for RISC-V CPU,

  • scripts - bash scripts for running Phoenix-RTOS on simulators (e.g. QEMU),

  • build.project - bash include file, defines how to build the whole system, it is included by phoenix-rtos-build/,

  • busybox-config - configuration for busybox (baseline Linux based toolkit and shell),

  • - script for building using docker (docker allows user to not have toolchain on his or her development PC).

See also#

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