POSIX emulation#

The libphoenix repository provides POSIX API enabling users to build and run portable POSIX applications. The emulation layer is built upon Phoenix-RTOS native messaging API and a dedicated server (posixsrv).

The purpose of posixsrv is to store data that can be shared between processes, i.e.:

  • keep track of file descriptors and their mapping to open files,

  • manage standard IPC mechanisms: pipes, UNIX sockets,

  • provide UNIX 98 pseudo-terminals,

  • dispatch events for efficient poll()-like functions

It also registers and handles special files, such as /dev/null or /dev/random.

In the current implementation, some parts of posixsrv functionality is kept inside the kernel and accessed using a set of system calls. Future implementations will instead delegate requests directly to posixsrv.

Source code#

The source code of posixsrv is available on GitHub and can be obtained using the following command:

git clone https://github.com/phoenix-rtos/phoenix-rtos-posixsrv

See also#

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