#include <unistd.h>

char *getcwd(char *buf, size_t size);


Partially implemented


IEEE Std 1003.1-2017


The purpose is to get the pathname of the current working directory. The getcwd() function shall place an absolute pathname of the current working directory in the array pointed to by buf, and return buf. The pathname shall contain no components that are dot or dot-dot, or are symbolic links.

If there are multiple pathnames that getcwd() could place in the array pointed to by buf, one beginning with a single <slash> character and one or more beginning with two <slash> characters, then getcwd() shall place the pathname beginning with a single <slash> character in the array. The pathname shall not contain any unnecessary <slash> characters after the leading one or two <slash> characters.

The size argument is the size in bytes of the character array pointed to by the buf argument. If buf is a null pointer, the behavior of getcwd() is unspecified.

Return value#

Upon successful completion, getcwd() shall return the buf argument. Otherwise, getcwd() shall return a null pointer and set errno to indicate the error. The contents of the array pointed to by buf are then undefined.


The getcwd() function shall fail if:

  • [EINVAL] - The size argument is 0.

  • [ERANGE] - The size argument is greater than 0, but is smaller than the length of the string + 1.

The getcwd() function may fail if:

  • [EACCES] - Search permission was denied for the current directory, or read, or search permission was denied for a directory above the current directory in the file hierarchy.

  • [ENOMEM] - Insufficient storage space is available.



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