psdisk is a tool responsible for creating a partition table where sources are placed under the following link:

Preliminary information#

In Phoenix-RTOS this memory scheme was introduced in a flash server ( for armv7m7-imxrt106x-evk (NXP i.MX RT106x). It can be distinguished by the following partition types:

In the mentioned flash server, a partition table has to be located in the last sector of the flash memory. Due to this fact, the user can generate an image that covers the whole memory with a partition table that is located in the last sector or only an image containing a partition table. To generate an image with a flash memory size, the user should use -o option.


The following example generates a partition table for MICRON MT25QL01GBBB. The size of the memory and sector based on data from

Creating partition table#

./psdisk partitionTable.img -m 0x8000000,0x1000 -p raw1,0,0x10000,0x51 -p raw2,0x20000,0x1000,0x51 -p meterfs,0x50000,0x50000,0x75


Updating partition table#

./psdisk partitionTable.img -m 0x8000000,0x1000 -p raw4,0x100000,0x10000,0x51


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