Thread management#

syscalls_threadCreate (syscalls_beginthread)#

GETFROMSTACK(ustack, void *, start, 0);
GETFROMSTACK(ustack, unsigned int, priority, 1);
GETFROMSTACK(ustack, void *, stack, 2);
GETFROMSTACK(ustack, unsigned int, stacksz, 3);
GETFROMSTACK(ustack, void *, arg, 4);
GETFROMSTACK(ustack, unsigned int *, id, 5);

Starts thread from entry point given by start at priority defined by priority. Thread stack is defined by stack and stacksz arguments. Executed thread ID is returned in id variable.

syscalls_threadDestroy (syscalls_endthread)#

Terminates executing thread.

syscalls_threadWait (syscalls_threadJoin)#

GETFROMSTACK(ustack, time_t, timeout, 0);

syscalls_threadSleep (syscalls_usleep)#

GETFROMSTACK(ustack, unsigned int, us, 0);

Suspends thread execution for number of microseconds defined by us.

syscalls_threadGetInfo (syscalls_threadinfo)#

GETFROMSTACK(ustack, int, n, 0);
GETFROMSTACK(ustack, threadinfo_t *, info, 1);

Returns thread information info for thread given by n.

syscalls_threadGetID (syscalls_gettid)#

Returns identifier of calling thread.

syscalls_threadSetPriority (syscalls_priority)#

GETFROMSTACK(ustack, int, priority, 0);

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