ls list files and directories stored in filesystem.

Using ls command with -h parameter prints help message as follows:

usage: ls [options] [files]
  -1:  one entry per line
  -a:  do not ignore entries starting with .
  -d:  list directories themselves, not their contents
  -f:  do not sort
  -h:  prints help
  -l:  long listing format
  -r:  sort in reverse order
  -S:  sort by file size, largest first
  -t:  sort by time, newest first

By default, . (current directory) is used as [files]. Executing sole:


Will print all normal files and directories in current directory.

Options (excluding -h) may be used together, so the following command:

ls -laf bin/

Will print all files and directories in bin/ directory including those starting with ., unsorted and with one entry per line.

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