The df utility prints mounted filesystem statistics (disk space/inodes usage).

If used with -h parameter it prints the help message with possible arguments and parameters as follows:

Usage: df [options] [files]
  -T: print filesystem type
  -i: print inode information instead of block usage
  -h: print this help message

The utility prints information about the filesystem on which each file specified in files argument resides. The information displayed consists of:

  1. Filesystem - mounted device path

  2. Type - filesystem type, optional (see -T option)

  3. 1K-blocks/inodes - total number of 1K blocks/inodes available to the filesystem

  4. Used - total number of 1K blocks/inodes used by the filesystem

  5. Available - total number of 1K blocks/inodes free for use by the filesystem

  6. Capacity - used blocks/inodes percent

  7. Mounted on - filesystem mount point

The inodes statistics are available only for ext2 filesystem. Neither dummyfs nor jffs2 collect such global data.

The example of checking root directory on ia32-generic-qemu target architecture:


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