The ntpclient is a psh applet related to networking, which allows to set the system’s date in UTC from a remote host.

Running ntpclient with -h argument prints help message as follows:

Usage: ntpclient [options]
  -h:  prints help
  -s:  specify ntp server address

By default, ntpclient assumes ntp.pool.org as the address of time-server. Specifying the custom address of the time-server to query for the current time is optional and may be achieved using the -s switch, as in the example below, where time.coi.pw.edu.pl was chosen as the address of the time-server:

(psh)% ntpclient -s time.coi.pw.edu.pl
Using NTP server: time.coi.pw.edu.pl
System time in UTC was Fri Aug 5 17:29:48 2022
System time set to UTC Fri Aug 5 17:29:48 2022

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