Command-line interface#

Command-line interface allows user to control the booting process.


After successful booting by Boot ROM, loader switch to the interactive mode and the prompt (plo)% should be printed on the console.

NOTE: If the user defines own script which ends up with go! command, the plo jumps immediately to the kernel and interactive mode will be skipped.


List all the available commands in plo (some of them are available only on the specific targets):

  • alias - sets alias to file, usage: alias [<name> <offset> <size>]

  • app - loads app, usage: app [<dev> [-x] <name> <imap1;imap2...> <dmap1;dmap2...>]

  • bitstream - loads bitstream into PL, usage:bitstream (dev) (name)`

  • call - calls user’s script, usage: call <dev> <script name> <magic>

  • console - sets console to device, usage: console <major.minor>

  • copy - copies data between devices, usage: copy <src dev> <file/offs size> <dst dev> <file/offs size>

  • dump - dumps memory, usage: dump <addr>

  • echo - command switch on/off information logs, usage: echo [on/off]

  • go! - starts Phoenix-RTOS loaded into memory

  • help - prints the list of available commands

  • kernel - loads Phoenix-RTOS, usage: kernel [<dev> [name]]

  • map - defines multimap, usage: map [<name> <start> <end> <attributes>]

  • mpu - prints the use of MPU regions, usage: mpu [all]

  • phfs - registers device in phfs, usage: phfs [<alias> <major.minor> [protocol]]

  • script - shows script, usage: script [<dev> <name> <magic>]

  • test-ddr - perform test DDR, usage: test-ddr

  • wait - waits in milliseconds or in an infinite loop, usage: wait [ms]

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